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The purpose of the Crow Wing Energized steering committee is to establish and grow community support for policy, systems and environmental change work in obesity prevention and tobacco use and control. Crow Wing Energized also aims to enhance health and wellness through the development and implementation of a county wide strategic plan.


  • Improve Crow Wing County health outcomes and health related costs.
  • Communicate progress both internally and externally.
  • Support goal group efforts and alignment with the county wide strategic plan.
  • Document history of health and wellness movement.

Guiding Principles

  • We seek to create and sustain a united approach to improving health and wellness in our community and surrounding areas, helping to make the healthy choice the easy choice.
  • We seek collaboration towards solutions with multiple stakeholders (e.g. schools, worksites, medical center) to improve community engagement and commitment focused on improving community health.
  • We seek to prioritize evidence based efforts around greatest community good that can be achieved through our available resources.

The Crow Wing Energized steering committee will have four main goal groups that will help with implementation and be driven by partnerships within these collaborating goal groups: Healthy Choices, Mental Fitness, Workplace Wellness, & Community Connections

Crow Wing Energized Steering Committee

Adam Rees – Essentia Health – Central Region President

Kara Griffin – Crow Wing County Community Services

Kathy Sell – Essentia Health – Marketing Manager

Karen Johnson – Crow Wing Energized Program DirectorCommunity Health

Nathan Bertram – Crow Wing County

David Chanski – City of Brainerd – Community Development Director

Matt Kilian – Brainerd Lakes Chamber CEO

Aimee Jambor – Brainerd School District Health Services

Carolyn McQueen – University of MN – Extension Nutrition Educator

Shane Riffle – Brainerd Lakes YMCA – Executive Director

Renee Richardson – Brainerd Dispatch – Associate Editor

Susie Stetson-Buchite – Big Stone Therapies

Robin Loftis – CLOW Stamping

Joanna Collins – Brainerd Lakes YMCA

Mara Pointer – Heartland Hospice – Business Development Manager

Daryl Doucette – Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union; Vice President of Human Resources

Alissa Thompson – Brainerd Public Schools Director of Food Service

Brian Lehman – Lehman & Associates

Traci Moreland – Essentia Health

Crow Wing Energized Support Staff

Karen Johnson – Crow Wing Energized Program Director, Community Health

Kalsey Stults – Crow Wing Energized Community Health Specialist

Kara Schaefer – Crow Wing Energized Community Health Educator

Jessica Williams – Crow Wing Energized Community Health Educator

Millie Engisch – Crow Wing Energized Specialist, Essentia Health Marketing