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Problem Solving


By: Katie McDonald graduated with my Health Fitness degree six years ago and has been in the field ever since. She is the Personal Trainer at Baxter Anytime Fitness and loves to help people find new and healthy ways to workout!  


Making a lifestyle change is a fun and exciting way to improve eating habits and physical activity levels. Along this exciting new path there can be road bumps that may lead to a slip up. This will happen to everyone on the road to a healthier lifestyle. The best way to beat these road bumps is to figure out how they showed up in the first place. There are 5 steps to problem solving.

  1. Describe the problem. Maybe it’s the eating portion, maybe it’s the physical activity fitting into your schedule. Either way there is way to fix it.
  2. List all your options. Not eating out, waking up 15 minutes earlier. Make sure to list as many helpful hints as possible, anything that will help at each step of the problem.
  3. Pick what seems to be the best option for you and try it. Be sure to choose one that you are comfortable with and that you can do .
  4. Make a plan for putting the option into effect.
  5. Follow the plan as best as you can .

These steps are to put a plan into action, if at some point the plan is not working then try each step again until you find the one that best fits your life.

These 5 steps can help each and every one of us stay on track when we hit a road bump. The steps force us to be detailed in the search for solutions to our setbacks. Breaking down the problem helps us see what we are truly dealing with, rather than being overwhelmed by something that seemed much larger. This way we do not feel helpless in the face of our road blocks.

Writing down all our options helps us see all of the options available.  Remember we want to weigh the pros and cons of each option and then pick the best option for us.

The final steps include taking the option picked and applying it to our everyday lives to help succeed in our lifestyle change. We may not pick the right option at first because there are many things that get in the way of our lifestyle change. Never worry! We can overcome roadblocks! Lifestyle change can be difficult but so rewarding in the end. Never give up, go back and try the steps again if the first time does not succeed, there is an option for everyone to be successful!