To create a healthy and more productive workforce.

General Desired Outcomes

  1. Achieve employee satisfaction.
  2. To maximize productivity
  3. To minimize absenteeism.
  4. 4. Reduce health care costs.

Identified Focus Areas for Worksite Wellness

Approaches: Healthy eating – Vending Machines; Healthy choice options at meetings; Physical activity – strategic breaks, activity options at workplace; Breastfeeding rooms & storage; Tobacco-free campuses

Meetings & Contact

The Workplace Wellness Goal Group meets the first Thursday of the month from 8:30- 10 a.m.
Email Kalsey Stults Kalsey.Stults@EssentiaHealth.org to connect to online meetings. 

To get involved with this Goal Group please contact co-chairs 

Daryl Doucete ddoucette@mmfcu.org
Susie Stetson-Buchite susie.stetson@bigstonetherapies.com